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Automatic drop arm barrier

MAdoors systems sells and installs active barrier traffic control drop arms to fit a variety of applications and needs. These drop arms can be used as part of a high security access control point or as a simple barrier to control traffic flow. madoors will present you with options to fit your security needs while maximizing safety and minimizing exposure to risk in non-threat situations.

 hydraulic drop arm barrrier

The mdr400 Series is constructed of sturdy industrial grade materials which minimize maintenance and ensure long-term reliability. The barrier drop arm can operate as a stand alone unit or be interfaced with programmable logic controllers (PLC) which maximize their integration capabilities with other access and security control systems.

 drop arm barrier

Automatic Arm Barrier completely domestic manufacturing arm barrier and its available in 5 types :
* Electro-magnetic arm barriers (operated by Electro Magnetic technique)
* Electro-Mechanical arm barriers (powered by Electric motor and gear )
* Electro-Hydraulic arm barriers (powered by hydraulic motor and hydraulic pressure)
* Pneumatic arm barriers (powered by pneumatic air pressure)

* Manual drop arm barrier

Turkish first parking automation system with software assurance %100 domestic manufacturing arm barrier 
*   Hydraulic drop arm barriers ( high security barrier with hydraulic arm , per size and desired impact resistance manufacturing options  )

*  Pneumatic drop arm barriers ( fast performance , quick opening and closing , in general it used for the ticketed highway , bridge , the unit powered in series which reduce the costs and the risks of failture )

*  Electro-magnetic arm barriers (  operated by Electro Magnetic technique . so fast , it can be used individually or in groups, in general it requested by military  , government agencies and so on)

*   Electro-Mechanical arm barriers ( powered by Electric motor and gear. cheap cost , in general it used for the enterance of the buildings )
 electromechanical drop arm barrier
Common Features :
  • compatible with all dry contact information ( remote control , proxy card, combination switch ) 
  • Electro Galvanized covering with electrostatic powder paint on the body last for at least 10-year design .
  • Simple design which doesn't need very powerful system maintenance mechanism ,  it's dry and free from oil .
  • 12v dc low voltage with safe electrical work .
  • there is a rich set of accessories suitable for all purposes .
  • 3-year system warranty .
 drop arm barriers madoors


mdr400 – Up to a 3 arm length
mdr400 – Up to a 5 arm length
mdr400– Up to a 6 arm length
mdr400– Up to a 8 arm length

 drop arm  barriers


Maintenance-free torque motor drive unit
Unlimited continuous operation
Simple mechanical construction
Extended reliability with low maintenance
Opening speed: 2.3 seconds
Optional opening speed: 1.2 seconds (up to 12’ arm)
Barrier arm lengths up to 20 feet
Articulating (folding) arm option
Integral logic controller
Easily configured for specific installation requirements
Plug-in inductive loop detectors
Isolated control logic input and output signals
LED indicators for status and diagnostics
Manual or fully automatic operation
Field configurable for maximum flexibility
Automatic drop arm raise on power failure

 automatic drop arm barriers

Power Fail Protection Automatic arm raise on power failure.


Voltage 380V AC+/-10%, Optional 230V. AC
Frequency 60 Hz single phase, (50 Hz 230V.)
Current Consumption 80 VA typical.


Environmental Splash proof housing IP55. Conformal coating on printed circuit boards
perating Temperature 14° to 131° Fahrenheit (-10° to 55° Centigrade).
0.064in. (1.6mm) galvanized steel. (Stainless steel 3CR 12 optional.)
Finish Epoxy powder coated (exterior grade).


White (Other colors available on request.)

Side Door 27in. (H) x 10in. (W), (690mm x 260mm) hinged and lockable.
Lid Top lid, internally double latched, removable.

Bolt down, using four anchor bolts.

Extruded aluminum tubing. Break-away and Wood Arm (Adapter available.)
Optional wood arm adapter up to 12′ max length.

White epoxy powder coated, wrapped with 2 in. (50mm) spiral red tape.
Weight 0.54 lbs per foot (0.81kgs per meter).



Single channel 12/24V, 110V.
Automatic closing, arming or auxiliary.

Torque motor/gearbox combination.
Output Torque 20Nm approximately.
Shaft speed 10 RPM under load. (Optional 25 RPM)

Approximately 2.5 seconds for 90 degree travel. (25RPM approx. 1.2 seconds for 90° travelmax. arm length 12′).

Travel 90 degrees.

Offset lever arm drive reduces 180 degree travel to 90 degree travel at arm pivot, overcenter, locked in raised and lowered position while under power.

Polyurethane buffer end stops.

Dual adjustable counterbalance tension springs, according to length of arm.

Configurable for reverse operation, left or righ

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